How to Easily Hem Sheer Fabrics - Threads-Magazine-pearl cotton is zig zagged over a a hemline that has been previously marked. A wing needle and rayon thread is used to blanket stitch over previous stitching. Trim closely

How to hem Chiffon and other sheer fabrics.

How to Make Hairpin Lace - Threads - with ribbon - with links to video tutorials

How to Easily Hem Sheer Fabrics - Threads

Easy DIY | Sew a Poncho

Sewing sheer fabrics-always a challenge for me. step one, always do first on a scrap piece. buy a bit more fabric to start if you need too. Its worth it.


How to finish the edges on anything sheer. Best tutorial ever for finishing fine seams

Wood with fabric crosses.

The perfect "rolled" hem. No special foot required

How to square up fabric...everyone needs to know this #sewing

Fabric Mutt: Patio Place Mat Tutorial

mastering the narrow hem foot, including common errors

make even hems!

Fabric stabilizers are rewriting the book on decorative sewing techniques, and new ones appear daily. Here's how to sort through the maze. Threads.

No Sew Pillow Cover. Easy enough that I can even do this!

How to hem jeans {{Tutorial}}

A good technical video about applying bias knit binding to a neckline.

Twill ribbon as a simple color/texture around brown paper wrapped 'item' $8 for five yards or a bulk 72 yards (not sure about price on that)

Because t-shirt fabric is stretchy, it's really easy to make ruffles. Just stretch the fabric out at the sides while pushing it forward at the same time. The result is the perfect T-shirt fabric ruffles without having to mess around with pulling threads, pinning or gathering.