• Karen Casebier

    Glitter spider web from Elmer's glue ... HERE'S HOW: Tape 2 sheets of wax paper together and lay them flat. Begin drawing your spiderweb with Elmer's glue (refrigerate for a few hours first so it's less runny) by making an asterisk with 4 lines. Starting at the center, cast a single line connecting each asterisk spoke; continue until the web is the size you want. Pour glitter on top of glue web and let it sit overnight. Shake off excess glitter and let the web sit for another 2 days to completely dry and harden. Using a spatula, gently peel the web off the wax paper. Read more: Halloween Decorations - Halloween Crafts - Redbook

  • Heather Burge Radicia

    Halloween Decorations - Halloween Crafts. Make spider web using Elmers glitter glue. on wax paper, peel and use!<3 this!!! :-)

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