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aluminum wall storage

mag rack.

Icicles Painting







Awwww......awesome! this would be cool for your office window! ha! how cool would that have been at our last house!? Randy Bradley

Nguni Head Randy Bradley

this cable and clip system is what you need for the frame I mentioned. We need to figure out where to get it. Randy Bradley

I want succulents... Randy Bradley

Green Stoneware- Plant flowers for hair! or a snake plant for a humorous take on Medusa Randy Bradley



typeset letters

typeset letters

especially if you made those globes like this

cool over your table

oh boy, I love these thumbtacks


‘Typology’ is one of many intriguing wallpaper designs from Wall & Deco’s 2010 ‘Life’ Collection. The pattern seems to be three-dimensional, an optical illusion that gives the impression that the wall consists of type blocks. However, it’s just vinyl wallpaper with a great graphic design.

Gorgeous idea to rotate favorite images.