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:) When I first met you... I only thought you were my best friends daughter... Now, you're so much more. You're my daughter and I couldn't love you more if you were biologically mine. Love you Arianna Mae

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Someday. Somewhere. The eyes will both lock on one another & we will not stop being able to stare. We will talk for hours & things will just click & we will wonder where this has been & where the hours go. Our hearts will become one & life will make sense

Even though some days seem so hard--don't forget this! Each day, enjoy the little moments with your family. The little one's are growing up so quickly. I remind myself of this when I see toys all over the place...these toys are one of those little things.

I hate this because 1 universe ok pretty huge are you going anywhere in that universe? 9 planets there isn't any life on the other 8 204 countries have you ever even left your state? 7 seas people don't live in the sea ugh it honestly not that surprising