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hahaha so perfect. pretty much my answer for everything crafty i do!


And again I have many in my life that it is the shade they wear ALL the time!I am SO happy it now has a name!

exactly!!! Yoga pants all day every day please!

This is so true! I love my work at home days and I'm so sad when I actually have to get dressed for work!

Yep!  Your ex lies about you, but you believe everything your new boyfriend says about his ex!  Ridiculous!  Maybe you should ask around and really get to know the person you are dating!

Art Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes things happen because youre stupid and make bad decisions. Good excuse for making yourself feel better and not having responsibility for your actions. Well stated makes-me-laugh

haha for real!! i'm always sitting in my car going "oh no dont worry, i wasnt on my way somewhere before i saw you crossing the street"

HAHAHA <----"If I stop my car so you can walk across the street, I better see some hustle out of you. Knees to chest, bitch, KNEES TO CHEST!

I'm so excited...I'm so scared!

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so.so. Zack, hold me!" hahah oh my gosh I'm cracking up!


bahahaha i couldn't stop laughing! "Your momma" jokes are the best. What makes it even better is that my son really does call it a Jumpoline!

Yes, and cookies, brownies and anything else covered, smothered, dipped, dunked, infused, injected, topped, candied or baked with chocolate!

I wish cake went straight to my boobs.I am laughing so hard, but really I do lol

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Love that its summer. Hate that I have to shave my legs all the time now.

You don't have to shave your legs. As a female, you are not obligated to shave your legs. However, if you do shave, that is also alright with me.

faster than the speed of light

Funny Confession Ecard: Nothing faster than the speed of light. Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from a photo that makes her look fat. There really is an ecard for that!