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Designer Mátyás Czél. I really like the design of this poster. The use of white against the dark blue background creates a settle feeling. I'm not sure if the words are in a different language or if they're just there to look cool, but I do like the ancient greek/ mythology look that they give to the whole poster, especially against the sky background.

reminds me of the poster for that movie "here not there" or whatever it was with joaquin phoenix.

This is the truth. Originality doesn't much exist anymore. You just have to piece together things you love to create new things. And that is still beautiful.

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Love the modular look to create the letters. We could have something like this for the whole mark potentially

i like the idea of using different colours behind each other as its legible but does confuse your eyes and links in with my theme as it looks quite an hallucination

This is just like the grid paper homework that I set, don't you think the squared paper makes it much more interesting?