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Blast From the Past: Vintage Fisher Price Toys Bring Back Memories

by Rebecca Gruber
When Fisher-Price brought out their limited edition Little People anniversary play sets, mamas jumped at the chance to introduce their tots to updated versions of the classic toys they played with as kids. The modernized sets brought back serene memories

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My sister and I loved to play this under the covers b/c of how it would light up our faces.

Rolling down the hill - best fun ever This is so true and we never got hurt or broke out necks, but I bet most kids today have never enjoyed this simple pleasure. Too bad as adults we can't just go out on break at work and roll down the nearest grassy hill!!! :-)you have to yell AS YOU WISH

I had this. I can imagine exactly what it sounds like. Must have wound that thing hundreds of times.

We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year...We played "circle what you want"

Timeline of the British Monarchs from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II. This is an enormous timeline of the British Monarchs from 1066 to the present day. The dates of the reigns of each monarch are included with each name and photo. Additional individuals are on the timeline as necessary to show how the line of succession reached a particular monarch.

Francie: Barbie's MOD-ern Cousin (I had Francie, and I liked her a lot more than Barbie. Loved her brown curl-flip hair)

Who needed a iPhone when we had speak n spells! Ha! 1980s Electronic Games

Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?

Mall Madness.... so old. Haha. I so had this game - played it all the time with my siblings. Erika * Stephens you remember this!!?!!???

I had this one too at some time or another. Ker Plunk" was a late '67 release, but was selling (and playing) strong during most of the 70s

Perfect Strangers - Friday nights always involved this show!