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  • Sand Piper

    Place value cups for teaching place value. Genius! <> (school days, back to school, learning, math, kids)

  • Elizabeth K

    Interactive math ideas - scientific notation

  • Dhaara S

    Place value cups for teaching place value. Genius!... I am going to use it to teach my daycare kids their parents phone numbers

  • Jennifer Douglas

    Our Awesome 4th grade teachers use this....Great Idea!! Place Value Cups nested to build numbers! by Look + Listen = Learn

  • Grace Gioglio

    Using Styrofoam cups for teaching place value. A teacher could use this manipulative to demonstrate place value to the class and then allow them to use the cups to create their own numbers. Student could be challenged to "change the 10th place" and find what number it is then.

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arctic ice sensory play--freeze a big tub of water, but stick something heavy in one side (so you create a hole in the ice). fill hole with water, add toys & play!

Great trick for teaching children how to remember the positioning for lower case b and d

  • Mariah Davis

    This is such a brilliant idea! So many children learning how to spell have difficulties with b and d! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa Seirer

    I've used this for works!

Fraction Strip Visual - would be a great way to explain shutter shutter speed to my students.

Place value cards...what a concept. Understanding the true value of a number. Look at how to write it in expanded form from the site.

Lots of Place Value Learning Ideas - Slilding numbers with the game musical chairs! Split the class in two. Set up chairs (labeled with place values) on both sides of the room for each team. The number of chairs you need depends on what place values you are teaching. Next, throw single dig

teaching time

Use cups to teach decimals. Click the image to see helpful teaching ideas

Crucial for students to discover the patterns in number grids. Most teachers work on this during calendar time. Other people work on it during math centers.

I absolutely hate the quote "If you can do, if you can't, teach." This quote, however, puts that idea to rest.

PLACE VALUE - great books to teach place value. Cause let's be real...we need all the help we can get teaching place value.

Grab two paper plates, count every 4 to 5 notches (indentions in the plate) and make your cuts. Write your hours numbers in between the cut notches. Then, take your second plate and hold it underneath your hours plate. Make marks to indicate where your number should be. Once, your plate is marked, choose another marker color and add your numbers by your pencil marks. Stack your plates, hours on top and make a hole for your fastener. Create colorful clock hands attach hands with your fastener

K-4 - Capitalize with MINTS - ELACCKL2a: Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I. ELACC1L2a: Capitalize dates and names of people. ELACC2L2a: Capitalize holidays, product names, and geographic names. ELACC3L2a: Capitalize appropriate words in titles. ELACC4L2a: Use correct capitalization.