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Love at First Sight, Transcending Nazi Internment

Jack & Ina Polak sparked a love affair while in the same concentration camp. Their story is told in the wonderful documentary "Steal a Pencil For Me".

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Julia Child was an American spy during WWII for the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to CIA). #WWII #History. Nevertheless, she became a top secret researcher for the director of the OSS, the legendary William "Wild Bill" Donovan. And, later, she worked to reduce the threat of U-boats, the deadly Nazi submarines. Who would have guessed?

Robert F. Kennedy didn't accept his Attorney General pay either...he also donated it all to charity. These two *liberal* men actually lived their convictions.

Soldier Holds Up A Girl To Kiss Soldier.| Original caption:12/7/1941-New York, NY: A soldier's girl "Kisses the boy goodbye" in a 34th Street bus terminal, while another soldier cooperates by holding her up to reach him. Picture taken just before bus load of Army men left, Dec. 7, when their leaves were terminated by the worsening situation in the Pacific, where Japanese planes bombed U.S. defense bases.

1944: John Farnsworth covered in kisses by famous pinups and actresses (L to R : Lynne Baggett , Dolores Moran , Barbara Hale ,Ginger Rogers, Gloria DeHaven , Chilli Williams and Jinx Falkenburg).

In 1920, Anna Anderson turned up at a mental hospital in Germany as a Jane Doe. She refused to reveal her identity at first, but two years later she began claiming to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, who was believed (though not by all) to have been executed with the rest of the Russian Royal family four years earlier. Anderson was the most well known woman claiming to be Anastasia, and she continued to uphold the claim until her death. | via: Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine on…