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Love making DIY stamps for cards!

I like this idea for making a custom stamp. Cutting craft foam to a shape and gluing it on a block sounds a lot easier than carving a pattern in an eraser.

Love this #DIY Christmas Stamps card idea...but know that I'll probably lose them between every Christmas!

Black Spotted Feather Hand Carved Stamp van extase op Etsy

DIY: fox rubber stamp fabric Perfection. MUST do this. Sophie has loved foxes since way before they were "in" way before the fox said anything. She's got a pink fox print dress its maybe her favorite dress ever. I'll have to save it as a keepsake when she outgrows it someday...if she doesn't wear it out first!

Make Your Own Hand-Stamped Necklace - A BEAUTIFUL MESS (and this girl has amazing hair!!)

DIY stamp ♥

DIY: Block printing / Fine Little Day - By getting pieces of wood, cutting different shapes with paper foam and sticking them together you create your own stamps!

hahahaaaa, that's great! Looks like someone's bored at school ;-)