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  • Elizabeth Wini

    Stained Glue Snowflake Ornaments~ These fun ornaments are made with string, elmers glue & water colors. I wanna make a stained glass window this way!

  • Lunar Wolf

    Stained Glue Snowflake Tutorial on this site: This is all you need to do this project: White string Thread (gold) Wax paper Tape Elmer's glue Paper cup Watercolors (blue) Paintbrush Scissors Glitter. Easy to make & very pretty!

  • Melissa Fubar

    Easy To Make Christmas Ornaments: Stained Glue Snowflake... glue, string and watercolors

  • Stacia Cook

    house ideas Easy To Make Christmas Ornaments Stained Glue Snowflake Simple Christmas Ornaments To Make. easy christmas ornaments to make. simple christmas crafts. homemade christmas ornaments to make.

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this would be cute to have by the door, as guests leave your holiday party they take a favor home. I wld put year on the back

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snowflake lanterns, an awesome idea to vamp it up a bit is use snow flake stickers press them down where you want. Spray paint it white, let it dry. then use a paint brush to brush on glue dip in epsom salts then remove the stickers.

Give them the supplies and let then create Christmas ornaments. Would be fun for a kids Christmas party.