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Brighten up a dull winter day with some coloured coffee filter snowflakes. The process is so fun and easy. Kids of all ages will want to get in on these.

DIY - Stuffed Felt Animals - Owl This could be made with old shirts, gloves, socks, etc. I saw the preschoolers at K12 using big plastic needles and yarn to sew a project. We could do the same for the workshop. It could be the "puppet".

Idea: Have kids scratch up the styrofoam. These are the scars that have been left, the pepper that have hurt us. Apply paint with brayer. Stamp on paper. Scars are there, but we can still create and be beautiful things.

How to Make Your Own Silly Sock Puppet

Who doesn’t have a matchless sock hanging around the laundry pile? Sock puppets are easy to make and a ton of fun to play with this is a great way to inspire creativity and use those lone socks! . What you’ll need to make a sock puppet: A sock – the more colorful the better! …

An Easy Winter Sweater Tote Refashion Tutorial

Learn how to refashion an old sweater into a handbag tote and make the arms into boot socks

Cate & Levi Toys and Puppets from Recycled Sweaters

“My belief is that there’s enough material in existence in the world that we could probably freeze all new production effective immediately and just get more creative with what’s already out there.” –Josh Title, owner of the Cate & Levi Collection toy company.