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Elizabeth I locket ring, removed from her finger after her death in 1603. ' E ' with 6 diamonds and underneath 2 miniature portraits. Amazing!

Gold finger-ring - cornelian bezel in the form of cat with a wedjat-eye on the under-side, Egypt, 3rd Intermediate period (1070 BC-664 BC) / #cat #egyptian #artifact #ring #jewellery #jewelry

Locket ring of Queen Elizabeth I. (gold with enamel, rubies, diamonds & mother-of-pearl), The top portrait is of her mother, Ann Boleyn, the other is a profile of Elizabeth herself.

Royal finger rings from anglo-saxon England belonging to King Ethelwulf and his daughter Queen Ethelswith 828-858 A.D.

A womans memorial poesy ring; from 1592, made of gold and rock crystal. On the rings inner surface is inscribed, The cruel seas, remember, took him in November.

"ER RING" The ring was removed from Elizabeth I’s finger after her death on March 24th 1603. It is mother-of-pearl, the band set with rubies. The ‘E’ has diamonds set over a blue enamel ‘R’. A pearl is also clearly visible. This ring's stunning façade hides a secret – the head is hinged and within it lie two miniature enamel portraits, one of Elizabeth c. 1575 and one of an unnamed woman wearing a costume of Henry VIII’s reign. It is thought that she is Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth's mother.

LUZ Houman - Alone Ring in 18K Yellow Gold. White diamonds, black diamonds.