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    hipsta please ♥

    agreed. ♥

    scrumpdidillisumptious bar ♥

    You are idiots and we love you ♥

    hahahahahaha. this. is prime. ♥

    Hahahahahahaha and don't we looveeee him for it (: ♥

    seriously tho. ♥

    see?? we're DEDICATED not obsessed. ♥


    Pepito. xx

    Harry golfing....I challenged him and Niall on twitter I hope they see it :)

    What in the world? :) ♥

    this is our fandom. guys, this is the fandom that we created... and i regret nothing!

    Me too, Niall, me too! (: xx

    MY BABY ♥

    hahahahah so true

    ♥ Harry

    Liam hahaha :) ♥

    Oh snap! I used to think that was cute that they said that ( I haven't met them) ... but awe. That is positively crushing to the ones they have met! You know maybe you girls slipped their minds! Don't lose hope! (: xx

    The many stages of Niall♥