bottle cap table instructions for the man cave

Bottle Cap Bar Top Tutorial - YouTube

22 New Uses for Old Pill Bottles | The 104 Homestead #upcycle

Wind Chimes from Bottle Caps

Bottle Cap Table Instructions

Bottle Cap Table/Bench

2.) A Coffee Table Instead Of Throwing Out Old CDs, You Can Turn Them Into Beautiful Crafts Click for more

Beautiful Bottle Cap Table!


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collaborative art project done with bottle caps

bottle cap candles

a variety of recycled - upcycled - materials such as fabric, paper, felt, foil, caps, carpet, metal, plastic, styrafoam, dried paint, beads, padding and cardboard, that have been hand-rolled into circles and swirls. Beautiful way to turn ordinary everyday objects into art.

Vitamin-Ha – 20 Inspirational Craft & DIY Ideas

How to Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames: Clean the bottles well with soap and water. If the adhesive does not come off, try using a product like Goof Off or Goo Gone. Let bottles dry completely, inside and out. (Sometimes a paper towel stuck in the top helps dry inside out.) From

Pencil Holder-the instructions are in Chinese, but the pictures are helpful.

beer caps! coasters, some smashed flat & attached to a large wooden initial. cool for a "mancave"!

spray paint and adhere old bottle caps to basically ANYTHING for a neat mosaic effect

This website has lots of great ideas for wine bottle decor and lights!!

30, 2 Sided Bright Flattened Multi-Pack by Bottle Cap Inc.

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