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    Suzy Snowflake wjactv commercial

    Suzy Snowflake (1951) Stop Motion Animation (With Original Song) I remember Arthur Godfrey singing this song when I was a very little girl and I loved it and still do.

    Hardrock, Coco and Joe! It was an annual Christmas cartoon from my childhood. Any kid that was raised in Chicagoland knows this cartoon! Shown on the Bozo Show every year!

    "Christmastime is Here," from Charlie Brown Christmas...played by Shane as a guitar solo...beautiful!

    Suzy Snowflake was another holiday classic that appeared on WGN as the Christmas season neared.

    Coca-Cola 70's Christmas Hilltop Commercial

    Bozo the Clown. I grew up in Chicago, Ill. so if you wanted to go this show there was a seven year wait for tickets good old WGN

    Hard Rock, Coco and Joe

    Suzy Snowflake

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    A look at Christmas back in the 1950's

    Agree Shampoo Loved this, I would so use it today if i could! Smell was great!!!!

    Which is creepier? The tree or Ward's chest hair? Leave It to Beaver / The Cleavers at Christmas vintage photo Hollywood t.v. show

    It wasn't officially Christmastime until the Norelco santa commercial came on.

    I remember I fell asleep one time playing this game. LOL

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation movie

    My bologna has a first name.. :)

    Cindy Register Christmas Corsage. All the girls and ladies had to have a Christmas corsage on their coats during the Christmas season. I just love this one.

    9/11 Remember. Budweiser only aired this once, so as to is a moving commercial and brings back memories!