Suzy Snowflake wjactv commercial

Suzy Snowflake (1951) Stop Motion Animation (With Original Song) I remember Arthur Godfrey singing this song when I was a very little girl and I loved it and still do.

Hardrock, Coco and Joe! It was an annual Christmas cartoon from my childhood. Any kid that was raised in Chicagoland knows this cartoon! Shown on the Bozo Show every year!

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Coca-Cola 70's Christmas Hilltop Commercial

"Christmastime is Here," from Charlie Brown Christmas...played by Shane as a guitar solo...beautiful!


I cried I was laughing so hard! Omg this guy must have practiced this so many times!

The Great Gazoo was an exiled alien on the Flintstones. He first appeared on October 29, 1965 and was voiced by Harvey Korman. He called Fred and Barney "dum dums" LOL.

Andy Williams - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.... I loved Andy and his Christmas specials;

Suzy Snowflake was another holiday classic that appeared on WGN as the Christmas season neared.

Rosemary Clooney Suzy Snowflake - YouTube

Old Folgers Coffee Commercial

General Electric Rankin Bass Rudolph Commercials (1964)

1984 Kmart Commercial

Vintage Old 1950's P&G Camay Beauty Soap Commercial

80s Fruity Pebbles Christmas Commercial

Vintage old 1950's Commercial Carnation Evaporated Milk 1951

Vintage Old 1950's Aunt Jemima Pancakes Commercial 1959

1961 Commercial for "French's Mustard" + Barbeque sauce

▶ Palmolive dishwashing liquid commercial with Madge - YouTube