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Wow!! I only need 2 more followers until I have 200 followers!! You guys are truly amazing! Massive thank you to every one of my beautiful followers!!

What?!?! Where do I get a Galaxy jersey signed by Louis???? =D

Considering I'm a Spiderman nerd and a Directioner this is the best thing I've seen all day

3 years ago this happened. #heytheredelilah. So proud of my boy!

I wish this is how I looked like in the morning...awake!

Louis in the locker room! He's staring at his other sock like he doesn't know what to do with it -E

How I feel when girls at school talk about how much they "love" the boys. Pshh. They can't name two songs!

Louis ♥<<22 reasons why I love you 1.your a total softie for kids,2. you are beautiful, saved my life , didn't change, SOML you stayed true to who you are6. in SOML you made me cry 7. you have the voice of an angel, 8. I have eaten so many carrots,9.elounor is the cutest thing I've ever seen10. I love the fray as well,

XFactor tonight at 7 the boys perform. When I went to record it the times were only at 8, which is it?

i think his hair swoops were styled by angels. genius angels. angels that are out to get our ovaries. just saying.

I just love Louis so much!