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  • Darci Bell

    This is all I wanted for Christmas.

  • Kenya Thompson

    New Photoshoots are both a blessing and a curse.

  • zara

    One Direction <3 I just love them so much. They can always make me happy and smile. Today I felt like crying and I put on their music and watched some interviews. They make me laugh so much and forget what I worry about for a while. Thank you boys for saving me. ♡

  • J .

    Teen vogue

  • leighton delaune


  • Lizzie DeGroff


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Unfair. So. Freaking. Un. Fair.>>> im sorry i didnt know this was a competition for whos daddy could by out stadiums

Les boys à leur conférence de presse pour leur nouvelle tournée qui commencera en 2014 :DDDDDDDDDD. Croise les doigts pour y être

So a girl in my English class says that she love one direction and I asked her a million questions like "who's Kevin?" "Name all of them and point at their pictures" easy stuff like that and she failed all of them. She mixed Louis and Liam up and she was like "OMG MY FAV IS NEIL (yes she said neil) HES SO CUTE AND HES SO BRITISH AND HIS ACCENT IS SO CUTE AND IM GOINF RO THEIR CONCERT IN LIKE A FEW DAYS OMG ILL TOTALLY BE FANGIRLING" I almost slapped her across the face like go to tw fandom

I think it funny because this is a transformation post but now they're both fetus

I just figured out Diana!! It's actually about us fans!! Look hard and U c the back is made up of all R pics we post! "The frount page is all UR pictures" right!! Ily boys!

One direction at their finest. The cow.. Boy, the woman with the luscious locks, the man with the evil monkey ha ha ha, The man that loves bingo and his bird(KEVIN!?!?;) and the man that decided to wear the funny white suit. How I love them♥♥

Wow...I waited all this time for USA tour dates and there is nothing even remotely close to me :((((((