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Periodic Table


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This is such a cool video about the periodic table. Well, as cool as the periodic table can be :D

three.js css3d - periodic table - YouTube ((live demo :) erg awesome misschien een idee voor een portfolio ofzo )) - These colorful, fun, and informative periodic tables are great for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as adults.

The Periodic Circle: My Nerd-Pride Moment It’s just another aesthetic representation of the Periodic table, you may think, but take another look.

Makeyev's new formulation of the periodic table. 2011. (I wish I read Russian so I could understand this!)

Periodic Table by Alison Haigh, featuring elements represented by their electron structures.  One of the best periodic tables Ive ever seen, in terms of pure aesthetics. Not recommended for chemistry class, though.

Students assemble, color, and complete a giant (42.5 x 21.5 inches) 3-D Periodic Table with fold out flaps for each element.