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below the zap tattoo, zayn got a new one that says MSG with the date they performed! ALL THE FEELS

Okay, I wasn't into him before... but have you seen his hair?! And their whispy ways. | Zayn Malik With Long Hair Is The Most Perfect Version Of Zayn Malik

A MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU. You created the biggest boy band and now they are going about big and beyond.. thank you

Vanni xx here's my wallpaper

Unfair. So. Freaking. Un. Fair.>>> im sorry i didnt know this was a competition for whos daddy could by out stadiums

lol jk I'm gorgeous...nevet get old zayn, never gets old

Recently Zayn of 1D has let his hair grow longer, resulting in a feeling that can only be compared to what it’s like when you are drinking a hot chocolate in a log cabin wearing a comfy sweater and thick socks while it snows gently outside. | Zayn Malik With Long Hair Is The Most Perfect Version Of Zayn Malik

Everything happens on today girls watch out ;) but it could be sad to.. Maybe next year something else hmm? Xx

I'm crying because this is supposed to be a transformation post but now they're both fetus

So a girl in my English class says that she love one direction and I asked her a million questions like "who's Kevin?" "Name all of them and point at their pictures" easy stuff like that and she failed all of them. She mixed Louis and Liam up and she was like "OMG MY FAV IS NEIL (yes she said neil) HES SO CUTE AND HES SO BRITISH AND HIS ACCENT IS SO CUTE AND IM GOINF RO THEIR CONCERT IN LIKE A FEW DAYS OMG ILL TOTALLY BE FANGIRLING" I almost slapped her across the face like go to tw fandom

Zayn Malik>>> yeah but do y'all see the girl behind him? :) she's like " ohhhh I want some of dat!"