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Liam Payne


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HOW? How do u be so perfect? How do u not even try, U don't even try to look good. But I'm telling u, he looks pretty good to me, Like if u agree! #liampayneisperfect

Day 4: Liam James payne: I just love this pic, its likeness pointing @ me! Lol not only that it makes me happy2 c him happy!

hi I'm Liam Payne and even when I stick my tongue out trying to derp, i still look adorable


Hello, I'm Liam Payne, and can be doing anything and still look extremely hot. c;

when did Liam decide to become David Beckham? It's working though

I'm pretty sure that if u looked up the definition of Liam Payne, this is what would come up: a sweet, kind, perfect and beautiful person who has a heart bigger than the world... Repin if u agree!

Hey Liam, wanna tell Harry to get a haircut too ;) lol<<<<< repining for that comment! Lol XD