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  • Rachel Steiner

    The 1D "Story of My Life" music video was my favorite ever 1D music video. <3

  • Julia Hofmann

    Story of My Life video!!

  • Claire <3 #tbpi

    Now the world knows what Directioners have always known. These five boys are all about family... and that includes you ♥ If you'd like to write The Story of your Life as a Directioner please click through on this pin to a special page on RespectPoint. You can write your story as a guest on RespectPoint, you don't need to sign up for anything :) We'll share all your stories on our #RespectSOML board and #RespectDirectioners. Thank you. We love you ♥

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One Direction - Story of My Life This is gonna be such a special video, to us and the boys. We have to work hard to beat the VEVO record to make them know just how much we love what they did/do for us. TOMORROW!! We can do it, guys!!

This is so freaking cool. I love it.<<< Can we talk about how they pulled off a Pinterest idea? PINTEREST!!

The Story if My Life lyrics. Don't mind me, I'll just be sobbing violently in the corner.

Who has seen SOML, OMFG, I CRIED TURDY SEVEN BUCKETS. The part where Louis lost his grandparents hurt me so bad :'(

How it goes. Or "Let's do a twitcam while she's at school!" I have yet to see a live one. That is one of my life goals; to see a live twitcam before I die.

Hey guys tonight is the opening night of a play I'm in so to wish me good luck can you comment a :D ? I'd really appreciate it!

The book of my life I couple house I car smoke all moon to keep girl warm time is snowflake The book of my life I give girl hands I money girl heart until she's fist inside....Book of my life?

Holy crap its 7 o clock homestly guys ive been on pinterest since 5.... I thought it was like 5:20 at the most!!!!!!! :O #noregrets

Story of my life ❤️ oh lord, why did you have to make these boys so perfect?? IT HURTS HOW PERFECT THEY ARE *cries* *faints*

"Story of My Life" - This song is beautiful. ♥

Oh my gosh! I love Story of my Life ! It is soooo different! It's soooo goodddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) It is sosososso perfect!