What a great end to your child's art! This is amazing...just send in the drawing to this blog/site and you'll get an awesome stuffed toy in return! =) I think this woman will be overwhelmed with how popular this will be!

have your child's drawings made into stuffed toys

Have your kids draw something and then turn it into a REAL stuffed animal. A magical service made accessible for $89

GREAT IDEA! Taking #kids pics and makin stuffed toys - Love this company! Genius! Pure joy- and quite a bit of shock- was the reaction this girl had when her mom surprised her with a plush version of her plump unicorn drawing! #Christmas

Your child’s drawing on a key chain

toys from kids drawings

Judy is the friend who first taught me to capture dandelion wishes in a jar. These wishes just wait on a shelf or kitchen counter until a sad child needs some love and encouragement. Then, it is off with the cap, eyes squinched closed for a wish, and a big huff. This cheers children any time theyre sad–and it makes me happy just to see the dandelion puffs resting in wait.

A mother saved all the things she found on his son pockets when doing the laundry. She gave him this lamp with all things found for his wedding.--So cool!!!

Here's a super fun way to preserve childhood memories... Before you get rid of your kiddo's old/damaged teddy ~ 1. Un-stuff. 2. Light spray paint. 3. Press onto paper/canvas... A great idea!

Sweet Bow Swaddle Blanket, dying of a cuteness over load #TSM @Paula Stange Please @Paula Stange sugar Can you imagine this with "Legacy" embroidered on the bow? I'd die.

35 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget

This company transforms your child's art work into toy!!

I'm so doing #3 with my kids today!

shadow puppets :)

Here are 10 simple, practical ways Christian parents can help their children develop a biblical worldview.

Peter Pan cut out of paper glue to top of lamp shade

Upcycling furniture into kids toys, You can pick up some used furniture to try this fun project at Safari Thrift in Aurora CO.

3 twin sheets & hula-hoop & rope - great backyard or camping play area.

20 ways to make your child feel special on their birthday!

Freshly Picked Moccs

soap dispenser used as a water balloon pump. old drawers into funky shelving. not sure re the bookcase into a bench cause I lurve my books. like the garden baskets idea.