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Skunk Halloween Costume of a Boston Terrier Dog! *****I HAVE this costume! In, fact, this could be my Boston, but mine won't quilt chasing the tail! She would never stay still long enough to get a picture! So funny!

knitting underwater creatures | Frog Dogs! – Boston Terrier or French Bulldog wearing Frog Hats

Dogs wearing Frog hats made from knitted fabrics using the Crochet patern. French bulldog or Boston Terrier dogs wearing green Knitted Frog Hats.

Cutie Pie♡ "look at my butt"

7 Weeks Old Boston Terrier with pj's on. Ok I'm ready for bed!

No Boston does!!! Haha

This boston terrier doesn't need to know the meaning of personal space. Which is a key feature of all lovable lil doggies. They dont need to know. All they gotta have is this adorable look.like this one:) ** Marlee does not know this meaning either!

Boston Terrier "He's behind me isn't he?" LOL Love this face.

Here is a funny photo of a Boston Terrier dog wondering what's behind him! "It's Behind Me. Isn't It!" They scare me too.

Awwww..I remember when Caine was this little! :-)))

boston terrier cuteness--- thanks Clackler for sending me this! ahhh i cant wait to get another baby boston!