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Multiple Sclerosis ~ That mini heart attack (invisible steps)

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I never get tired of this joke

every time.

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How you sit

LOL true storyyyyy.

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That awkward moment...

That Awkward Moment When You're Sitted Right Next To Your Crush the friends look like TOBY MUQUIRE *falls down laughing*

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Get out of my head!!?

HAHAHAHA so true!!!!

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When my company want to send me on a business trip

haha always :)

Kristen Stewart: At first I was like: … But then I was like: … Please Kristen, control your emotions.

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Just watching my dog...

Bahahahha I can watch him do stupid things all day and laugh about it

They happen so often there's no such thing as an unexpected nap for me, but I still get that feeling from time to time

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True.....very true.....

So true! Lol

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Or 100%

MRW I saw the trailer for "Vampire Academy" Find Funny things to Pin here: