1.paint your nails white/cream 2.soak nails in alcohol for five minutes 3. press nails to map and hold 4. paint with clear nail polish immediately after. You can do it with scrapbook paper too! Must do this!!!

NEWSPAPER NAIL DESIGN Start by applying a base coat and then add a light colored nail polish of your chose. Let the nails to completely dry out, time in which prepare a small glass of alcohol (vodka will do just fine) and some newspaper cutouts. Dip each finger at a time in the alcohol glass and then take a newspaper cutout and press it firmly on the nail. Wait for at least 30 seconds and remove the paper: you've just completed your first in a long series of newspaper nail designs.

Map Nails

Worded Nails - 1) polish nails 2) dip nail in alcohol for 5 seconds 3) press newspaper onto nail for 5 seconds 4) gently peel off.

Burned paper nail art. Do in style of french manicure with the tips as the burnt edges

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Nails Art...

clear holographic nails

LOVE it !!

{ essie, bikini so teeny }

You will need 4 colors of nail polish, a dental floss holder and a piece of wax paper. 1) Paint your nail with a color that you prefer. 2) Apply a generous glob of nail polish to a piece of wax paper . 3) Dab the floss in the nail polish and rock it over your nail to create a lines. 4) Repeat step 2 and 3 with another color. 5) Apply a top coat.

Starbucks nails...probably stamped ... lol have to be. they are perfect!


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Cloud nail art

Dr. Suess: 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish. DailyNail. #nailart

Dotted Nails

Cute nails. Salmon colored nail polish, white nail polish, rhinestones, and leopard print.

Peacock Nails

Ombre nails #Beautyinthebag #nails #nailart

Comic nails- Clear nail polish, let dry. dip your nails in alcohol peroxide press comic against for 5mins and there you have it!