Cat and bunnies...


Watching for squirrels!

Dedicated to a particular, unnamed friend that HATES having her hair touched. Bwhahaha!

The lion and the lamb shall lie down together. Odd animal friendships like this contradict and stand against the theory of evolution. They are inconsistent with it, and they represent the glory of God's desired end for the natural world which He created.

If I fits, I sits

"it's exhausting being this cute.."



Do you see what I see? here to find out more #Best Friend|

I don't think he's ready to see the vet yet.

"Is there something on my head?"

I see you

European Wildcat Baby

Look what I caught!


Wait, I'm just looking

I have so many of these where i live in the Appalachians. They are fun to watch.

Let me out! help!