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  • BW in Light

    Joan Cassis, Untitled (Elderly American Woman with Braid, Mary), 1986 I black and white #photography

  • NaÏma Wandile

    Behold the greatness within you, a solitary moment sublime, our people use to grow old gracefully...I am them, they are us, we are what once was...let us reclaim our humanity, take our rightful place, put on our breast of dignity lost in this desolate place, and together we can embrace eternity if only we embrace each other first... (©)copyright:KarenRussell/H.

  • Cece (ology)

    Young or old every face has a story #photography

  • Curtis Kearns

    This is the image of elderly black women that I grew up with. They had worked hard all their lives and you could see it in their countenance. You knew they deserved respect. Joan Cassis, Untitled (Woman with Braid, Mary), 1986

  • Sha-Sha

    With age, natural hair grows been more beautiful!

  • Cierra McGhee

    Joan Cassis, Untitled (Woman with Braid, Mary), 1986- love her all white hair

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Old age, in the Goddess religion, is seen very positively, as the time when activity has evolved into wisdom. It brings about the final initiation, which is death. Sacrifice is inherent in life, in constant change that brings constant losses. Blessed Be

Elderly Woman in Ouagadougou [Burkina Faso] by Digital Don

Sweden by Federica Erra, via Flickr -- Character inspiration #writing

There is a sense of strength and courage in her face...perhaps each line has a story to tell!

Photograph by Manuel Librodo Jr. I think she has am amazing story to tell... I want to meet her.

Renaissance Marie Austin Blue Braids Individuals by raghouseinternational, via Flickr

confetti by mariehochhaus, via Flickr- Awesome Photo Idea--Yes awesome and she looks like she is truly enjoying herself too

Crown braids, my oldest sister would do my hair like this when I was little. Wow that must have taken a TON of patience.