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26.2 looks awesome on you, (Nike Woman's Marathon sign) dream race....someday

Ingredients for Chicago Marathon training this year!

"You Know You Are A Runner If..." So true...especially #1,3,4,5!!!,6,7,8,9 I must be a runner! :)

dream big or go home. I guess I'm doing something right then, because frankly, I'm terrified.

There will be days when I want to give up, but I will keep training and finsih what I started!!

so true!! I learned this a long time ago when I ran! You have to wake up early and get moving, burn those calories and trick that body!!!

except if it WERE easy, everyone would be doing it but yes, anyone with the will to try, can be a runner

Ready...or not by Washington Post via chalktalksports: A body won't be ready to run 26.2 miles without some inner adaptations. Here are a few of them: #Marathon #Health

I "NEED" this! Half marathon shirt: "Never mess with a woman who runs 13.1 miles for fun."