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Chris was afraid to answer if he thought this described me...hahahaha!

Too true

...cause it's true.

It's true.

It's so true.

If you had a REAL migraine, you wouldn't be on Facebook! You'd be in a fetal position praying for Jesus to take you home!

Journey 120-Life of the Fluffy Girl: The Fight to Light: All Buff-No Fluff

Let your thoughts out so you can let them go. This is why I share so much in FB.


Say someone shouldn't be sad because someone else may have it worse is just like saying someone shouldn't be happy because someone else might have it better. Or as I have always said: knowing someone has no feet does not help keep my feet warm when I have no shoes [old saying about 'I was sad I had no shoes til I met a man who had no feet.']

You've been warned.

the simple life - all except for messy beds :)

Sadly this is true!

so true!


Story of my life.

motivational and inspirational quotes about life.

So true.

Adult humor



"I pretend to like people everyday. It's called being an adult and THAT is why we are allowed to buy alcohol." Some eCards

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Sadly I can relate #mommylife