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Backyard Sumter Wedding from Virgil Bunao Fine Art Weddings

Virgil Bunao takes the kind of pictures that we could stare at all live long day. Pictures full of sweet sentiment and wildly beautiful views. Pictures so timeless they’ll be just as beautiful 50 years from now as they are right this moment. And most of all, they are pictures that capture that crazy...
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This quote means a lot to me because that is exactly what I want to find. I have such great relationships with my best friends that I would love to have that kind of relationship with my husband. I also seem to have a lot of guy best friends because I hate dealing with girl drama and I could marry any of them and be perfectly happy

(10 Tips For A Christ Centered Marriage) So thankful to have a Christ centered relationship with you @Greg Forsberg and I'm so excited to continue that kind of relationship into our marriage!!

Love these bridesmaid dresses

Just stunning!

his boots. her ring.

God I pray that he may be the man You've chosen for me, a man who is more in love with You than me and will honor me, protect me, inspire me to draw closer to you. That he will embody all the goodness of Christ! That he will be handsome and have great fortitude and masculinity, that he will be sensitive to my needs, that no part of him will ever desire any woman but me, that he will be a wonderful father and husband, and that he will be healthy and prosperous all the days of his life!

So sweet

Funny, love this.

lovely tented reception space

I need to get one of these made up Wedding Emergency Kit - Tackle Box. Youll be the best Maid of Honor ever with this kit! #fun #wedding #idea #maidofhonor

For his parents..sweet.



I plan on making my parents cry

chalkboard ceremony program | The Nichols #wedding

Round diamond in a cushion shaped halo engagement ring

super cute with the quote :)

Mini Strawberry & Chocolate Party Cakes. #CAStrawberriesPIN2WIN

wet pink panties drink is two frozen pink lemon aid lots of vodka (can't taste vodka at all) blend with ice then top with whip cream

late-night chocolate chip cookies | Magnolia Pair #wedding

gorgeous cake pull set from Weddings Etc.


fancy fried green tomatoes! | Katie Stoops #wedding

Absolutely LOVE this flower girl dress!!

Aisle lit by lanterns and Hydrangeas!!!