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  • Jac Blades

    The Cities With the Most Billionaires Have One Striking Thing In Common - PolicyMic

  • Teresa Moran

    In this Jan. 25, 2013 photo, 77-year-old Yeung Ying Biu sits partially inside the cage, measuring 1.5 square meters (16 square feet), which he calls home, in Hong Kong. For many of the richest people in Hong Kong, one of Asia's wealthiest cities, home is a mansion with an expansive view from the heights of Victoria Peak. For some of the poorest, home is a metal cage. Some 100,000 people in the former British colony live in what's known as inadequate housing, according to the Society for Communit

  • Brian Ho

    The Metal Cages The eye of foreigners, Hong Kong is a bustling city, but how many people know the wealth gap problem is serious? Some people live in metal cages. Each unit area a few tens to two hundred square feet, and unsanitary and unsafe. Can you imagine life of people? People live here lose dignity and proper living conditions.

  • Karen Himelrick

    If you think your house is small, consider this: for some of the poorest people in Hong Kong - one of Asia's wealthiest cities - a home is a 16-square feet metal cage. The 67-year-old former butcher pays 1,300 Hong Kong dollars ($167) a month for one of about a dozen wire mesh cages resembling rabbit hutches crammed into a dilapidated apartment in a gritty, working-class West Kowloon neighborhood.The cages, stacked on top of each other, measure 1.5 square meters (16 square feet).

  • Dararith

    Poor in cages show dark side of Hong Kong boom—sadness

  • Renee Liska

    Photos of the Year 2013 - The Wall Street Journal Yeung Ying Biu sat Jan. 25 inside a 16-square-foot cage he calls home in Hong Kong. Some 100,000 people in the former British colony live in what's known as inadequate housing, according to the Society for Community Organization, a social welfare group. Vincent Yu/Associated Press

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