Curl friends are hard to find because most black girls have agreed to abandon their true selves and their true natural hair texture. I don't know why they think having fake hair means they are still real people. Yes you are a real person but your consciousness is fucked up if you actually believe you cannot be a natural haired human. Who thinks like that other than a slave? I need them to realize that they harbor slave belief systems and don't even realize it.

This is perfect. Now I miss my fro but not the detangling!

.Big Curly Natural hair!! Beautiful!

Natural Hair


Curly Hair

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Her Fro Makes Me Happy!!!

Midnight Blue Ombre Fro - I would love to do this subtle but stunning ombre coloring

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Pretty girls rock

Fro power ❤️

{Grow Lust Worthy Hair FASTER Naturally} ========================== Go To: ========================== Can We All Agree That's a BOMBBBB FRO!!!!!

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Work your 'fro!

Natural curly hair

From SHRINKAGE to FULL FAB 'FRO!!!!! :) - YouTube