Thumbtack vase fillers - pretty cute!

Balls made of tacks

Easy wall art

Tennis ball

Family Birthday Board... Very helpful and cute!

Easy pillow redecoration

fabric scraps to make fillers

make 9 different decor ball styles DIY

Spray Painted Pinecones. How fun!! and another way to bring color to a room.

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

Made from thumbtacks!

Revamping clear vases with a little paint inside...These vases are always at the thrift store!

DIY bathroom rugs!

a cheap pot, with a cute touch

Dollar store - outdoor black rubber door mat. Spray painted with Heirloom White from Home Depot. Sand to get a rustic feel.

gift balls

Huge pic and only $13 to make! Awesome!

Glue beans or lentils to dollar tree styrofoam balls and paint

Coasters from the places you have traveled. (Buy tiles, rip map pieces, mod podge, glue cork on back. )