adele is gorgeous. and real.

Adele my absolute favorite singer, i am hoping to go to at least one of her concerts or even meet her! She is a total inspiration and has a beautiful voice :)

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Lessons From: Adele

Lessons From: Adele - Inspired by CharmInspired by Charm

Kate Bosworth

glamourous yet natural makeup // kate bosworth, love her eye colors! Their so pretty and go great together! I want different colored eyes


When Executive Producers told Adele to lose weight, she replied, "I write music for ears, not eyes." ~ Adele More amazing quotes on Joy of Mom!



Julianne Moore per Tom Ford

julianne moore her red luscious hair want this color red . i think women with this red color look gorgeous and fierce

Carrie Underwood

I was there at this performance. She looked so beautiful and was amazing! I found a whole new level of respect for her. Plus, her outfit and makeup was perfection. That's why I put it on things to wear casue her outfits amazing

How-to Adele makeup tutorial

Adele - The eyes, the hair, the voice, the curves and the attitude. You just have to love Adele.