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How to do a no spend month. "Learn how you can simplify your home, your finances, your family life and your time." - neat idea

Save Money: 10 Ways To Save Over 1000 Dollars On Your Budget!--The Peaceful Mom

Best Personal Finance Mobile Apps

100 Savvy Ways to Save Money

Ideas to help you combat the temptation to spend on unimportant things when you have a higher goal in mind - getting debt free! Have you paid off debt or are you working to pay off debt? What are your spending temptations, and what are your tricks to combat them? We’d love to hear ‘em!

The Fun Cheap or Free Queen: The "3-month rule" - The secret to buying (just about) anything you want...regardless of your budget!

Sunday Coupon Insert Sneak Peek for Feb 16. Tomorrow we’ll see one coupon insert from Red Plum. Not stellar- see why here: http://www.girlswithcoupons.com/sunday-coupon-insert-sneak-peek-feb-16/ #Sunday #Coupons

DAVE RAMSEY - Mortgage Calculator with EARLY PAY-OFF features! If you have a $100k loan and ~double your payments you will save $56,539.31 or 31% and in 35.3% of the time. You may think that you can't afford the additional payments, but what you can't afford is flushing the money you are wasting on interest down the drain! Use this calculator to find out what you could save.

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Ten Simple Ways To Save Money On Utilities

Sticking to a budget is not only hard, it can also be a little tricky to keep everything straight. This personalized money management system focuses on real time tracking, without the need for cash, and includes 2 FREE printables to help!

These are 35 ways you can make money from home that actually work in 2015! I have actually tried and done most of these myself and can attest that they are legitimate money-making ideas - so check them out!

118 ways to save money in college. Saving this for later.

finances binder pages based on Dave Ramsey-- plus organization!

Top 6 Best Places to Find Coupons! Learn how easy it is to find coupons that you will use.

52 week money challenge ... broken down weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly

2015 may be in full swing, but it’s never too late to get your finances in shape. Check out these 7 steps to help get you on your way. #BetterMoneyHabits

A printable financial BUNDLE with a debt snowball sheet to help you pay down your debt with a fast and organized repayment plan. Do you want to be debt free? Using the Debt Snowball method can help you to stay committed to paying off your debts, doing it in an organized way, and paying everything down faster than paying just your minimum payments. This bundle includes a bonus Debt Payoff Plan sheet and a bonus Bill Payment Tracking Sheet.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to get a hold of your finances. 7 reasons you keep overspending and how to prevent it.