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Explore Polaroid Z340, Digital Polaroid, and more!

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Polaroid Z340 Digital Instant Camera: Party Animal [REVIEW]

Whatever the flaws of the new digital Polaroid camera, you gotta love that old-school design.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera Is a Game Changer [REVIEW]

Samsung Galaxy Camera: Android camera that changes the game for point-and-shoots, $499

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Canon EOS 6D: Wi-Fi, GPS and Full-Frame — Oh My!

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Lytro: The Most Social Camera Ever Made [REVIEW]

Hi Fido by Matteo Cibic Studio: Ceramic speaker. (New meaning to sub woofer?) #Speaker #Matteo_Cibic_Studio #Dog_Speaker

from The Christian Science Monitor

Lytro light-field cameras: shoot now, focus later

Lytro Light Field Camera via Jeff Ward-Bailey, csmonitor: This small rectangular tube captures light rays, rather than flat images, allowing you to refocus a photo after you've taken it or even see it in 3D. $399 #Photography #Lytri #Light_Field_Camera #Camera

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Canon Gives DSLRs a True Challenger With Mirrorless EOS M Camera