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I remember that day I told you, that I was looking for you in the faces of others at the train station and could never see you. I might never know why I loved you so much, why you were able to change my life or why I will never meet anyone like you again.

I can't even begin to think of how to explain the way that I feel when I look up to see you standing there. Especially when you are looking at me first and our eyes meet for a second - a second that is just filled with the most intimate innocence of love

Even though we aren't together I wanna be there.... I wanna be in your arms and tell you I love yiu... I miss you si much baby... My heart is breaking

Every day at the homework table my crush asks me to help him and I honestly think it is the cutest thing and sometimes he will just let me sit there with him.

You are an incredible person. I hope you know that. You really are. I love everything about us. We can be so silly and romantic. I love how much you make me laugh and how incredibly happy I am when I am with you. You truly are the best! I love you.