Collar bone microdermals and snakebites. I love her collar bone piercings, definately doing this :)

i refuse to sink

Rook + Tragus + Snug | 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

Dermal piercings. Debating if I want to get them!! I want to get them but I'm scared haha

This is where I have my dermals and I highly recommend them :) They're so pretty!

Paw print piercing...super cute! LOVE IT...except for the pain that must come with this type of piercing, even if only for a short time. :)

My new Dermal piercing :)

Hip Dermals

my next lip piercing

Collarbone Piercings/Dermals

Collarbone Dermals.

15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know snake bite studs

Dual Micro Dermal Piercing On Wrist. I would never do this but It looks badass

Im really feelin the collar bone dermal piercings

back dimple dermal piercing..if you gotta have dimples there they might as well be cute

I love dermal piercings!

Dermal Anchors Hand Piercing

ear piercings


I love the dainty septum ring and nude lip color here. I love seeing heavily tattooed girls and them overly girlying it up to have a contrast. Wonderful.