Not gonna lie I really love dermal piercings and I may actually get one when I'm legally allowed in tattoo/piercing parlors. (and not poor) Or maybe I'll be wise by that time and laugh at my young self

i refuse to sink


Collarbone Piercings/Dermals

color scheme- I have this dress, and never thought to put a red belt with it. I will have to try it out. dermal piercings

my next lip piercing

ear piercing diagram

Lip Piercing Types - [ #lippiercing #snakebites #piercing #septumpiercing #tonguepiercing #nosepiercing #teethpiercing ]

Venom bites.

Dermal Anchors Hand Piercing, piercings, dermals

If the pain wouldn't be that bad, I'd get this as soon as I turn 18

Three microdermals


I wish.

I like anti-dermal or dermal anchors...I like any piercing that mimics beauty marks

Snake eyes... I want <3