A Georgian diamond Tiara, circa 1800. Designed as a spray of myrtle, each pair of leaves pavé-set with diamonds, the flowerheads collet-set with similar stones, mounted in silver and gold, fitted leather case. This tiara belonged to the Hon. Georgiana Eliza Stuart (1821-1904), 3rd daughter of Robert Walter Stuart, 11th Lord Blantyre and 2nd wife of the distinguished 19th century diplomat, Sir Andrew Buchanan, 1st Bt.

A Georgian diamond tiara, circa Designed as a spray of myrtle

Diamond wheat sheaf tiara, second half of 19th Century. Designed as two wheat sheafs each tied together with a ribbon bow, set throughout with cushion-, pear-shaped, circular-, single-cut and rose diamonds, each wheat sheaf detachable from frame and can be worn as brooches, bows detachable with additional brooch fittings, accompanied by later fitted case. Images: Sotheby's.

Diamond wheat sheaf tiara, second half of Century. Designed as two wheat…

The Lady Cory Wreath Tiara, 1850 Made in three units of gold, this tiara is encrusted with European and Brilliant-cut diamonds set in silver and mounted Baroque pearls.  The wreath features many varieties of floral designs.  Part of the tiara was damaged and, sometime between 1860 and 1870, a trembler of a diamond honey-suckle blossom was added to replace the damaged section. The Victoria & Albert Museum

Diamond and pearl tiara, Silver, gold, rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds. Now in the Victoria & Albert Museum

Tiara di diamanti e rubini di mary di Danimarca

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Readers' Top 15 Tiaras: The Danish Ruby Parure Tiara

This was given as a present when Prince Leopold of Belgium married Princess Astrid of Sweden

(another view of) the Stockholm diamond and pearl bandeau tiara, that once belonged to Queen Astrid of Belgium

The Strathmore rose tiara, given by 14 Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, to his daugher Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon when she wed Albert, Duke of York, on 26 April 1923

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Mother), entitled the Strathmore Rose, c.

Diadem, c. 1829 - belonged to Stéphanie de Beauharnais, first cousin, once removed, of Empress Josephine's first husband; adopted and raised to imperial rank by Napoleon.  Consort of Karl, Grand Duke of Baden, and ancestress of the former Kings of Romania and former King of Yugoslavia, the present King of the Belgians, the present Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the present Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

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A 19th century frontlet or tiara, made of gilt metal and decorated with coloured pastes in the shape of a spray of lilac. #antique #tiara

A century Tiara, made of gilt metal and decorated with colored pastes in the shape of a spray of lilac.

Another diamond starburst aigrette-style tiara, with a stylized leafy band.

Methuen Diamond Floral Tiara bought by Marjorie Merriweather Post and donated to the Smithsonian Institution

THE POST DIAMOND TIARA, formerly the Methuen tiara, circa now in the Smithsonian. The flower petals and leaves are pavé set with old mine and rose cut diamonds. The tiara was made of silver and gold and the flowers were fashioned “en tremblant.