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Dry ice inside a pumpkin. Add a green glowstick to make it even eerier.

How To Create Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog / Bubbly Fog. Dry ice inside a pumpkin. add a green glowstick to make it even spookier!

This is the best skeleton set up I've seen

Halloween yard skeletons do yard work! (Hiding bodies in the yard is still yard work. It's work, and it's in the yard.

throw the party: Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Simple, Easy & Cheap

SUPER easy way to decorate doorways, or a large area of wall space.take a black trash bag cut it open. With sharp scissors cut fringe, twist and stretch the fringe with your fingers, to give that spooky look. Perfect for along the front porch

Halloween party idea - Dry ice pumpkin cauldron

Halloween party idea - Dry ice pumpkin cauldron-dry ice was a must for any Haunted House back in the

special effects makeup--Sorry--I know its kind of gross.

27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways To Take Halloween To The Next Level

Hehehehe this would b funny

Glowing Eyes: Save finished toilet paper rolls, cut eyes into them. Put glow sticks in the toilet paper rolls. Place the rolls into your hedge, trees or bushes at night. Watch people freak out as they pass your lawn.

Place a tin full of mums in a pumpkin for front porch decor

Autumnal flower arrangement inspiration: DIY Pumpkin Flower Vase [Tutorial] : insert soup can into pumpkin and add water; place the flowers inside. so clever!