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reminds me of the time when we did that after a choir concert!!! ♥ Elly Lucas annika johnson Olivia Reimer

Me and my bestie need a best friend photoshooot

Bffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Children of Aphrodite, like playing match maker these kitties are all about one life one love, extremely vain (some) but all in all good people. Powers of charm speak and Talents of fashion and makeup

Senior portrait. Best friends. Besties. BFFs. Fab five. Girlfriends. Plano, TX. Arbor Hills. Dallas lifestyle photography.

Annabella Pinterest ✌🏼️

Animated sex positions that will rock you and your partners world tonight, updated daily so check back often for new inspiration!

Bestfriend, we ARE doing this over the summer, or springbreak, or whenever! haley van liew van liew Jones like if da world end next week, we doin it in front of all the world wrecking stuff. #weboutdatlife

The joy of scrubbing is indescribable. PS I also give you great skin while I'm at it xx

"Mira... Mira... Mira... Can't breathe properly, babe." "I LOVE YOU!" "Hehe, yeah, I love you, too, hon." - Kip and Mira |How to Ride a Rollercoaster|

older Annabeth and Lotus. *whistles at Lotus* -Conner- hey why don't you come over here i want to tell you something >:o -Blake- No thanks i choose life. -Conner- boys.....-Annabeth-