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Missions--too many children are starving, homeless and left to fend for themselves. Many don't make it. It breaks my heart and sends shivers down my spine to even think of it! They need HELP! They need a voice, they need to be saved! Do ANYTHING you can.

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21 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Traveling to India

Monday 5 October, 2015 AID workers are being trapped by fuel shortages and political violence in Nepal due to two weeks of blockades on the Indian border.In the southern Terai region, workers said necessities such a medicine were not making their way into Nepal and were worried about possible food shortages as trucks sat stationary, choking supplies since Thursday.The recent adoption of a new constitution by Nepal's Government led to violence aro

Delhi Travel Tips: 21 Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Delhi

Delhi Travel Tips: 21 Things to keep in mind while visiting Delhi Know someone looking to hire top tech talent and want to have your travel paid for? Contact me,

Adoption Sign - Not Flesh of My Flesh

As children grow, they may wonder why their mommy doesn't have a picture of her belly growing, them safely tucked inside. Why daddy isn't kissing mommy's belly, like they were kissing them. This is the time to remind them that they didn't grow in Mommy's belly, but instead they grew in Mommy and Daddy's hearts. ❤️ //