Inset Bookshelf Doorway

Hidden bookshelf door; I would like this in my kitchen-to-basement door for all cookbooks

DIY Bookshelf Door | This woodworking project shows how to transform a normal door into a bookshelf door. Great for longer narrower closets!

Bookcase Door!! Great tutorial that isn't too hard to follow and not a 5 on difficulty level!

Love this bookcase door - great for a utility room, bedroom, or just a secret entrance to your favorite space.

Hidden Door Bookshelf. DIY (16 pics) | Crack Two

How to make a book on the bookshelf a secret Switch. - just in case we ever decide to build a secret room.

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Detailed instructions on how to build a bookshelf hidden closet.

Detailed tutorial for making a hidden bookcase door. I solemnly swear to implement these instructions someday.

Love bookshelf closet door - putting this on the long-range "honey do list"

10 Secret Rooms And Hidden Passageways To Store Your Treasures Or Get Away From It All (PHOTOS)

How to Build a Hidden Pivot Bookcase Door - Includes Easy to Follow Illustrations and Instructions. What a Great Idea!

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DIY Bookshelf Door - We decided to make our downstairs closet into a bookshelf door. I've seen these around on pinterest, and was excited when we finally decide…

Bookshelf ~ this is the kind of bookshelf i want in my house

Free Hidden Door Plans - How to Build A Hidden Door For a Safe Room