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    I do so many things well, none of which generate income.

    Actually I do this more with emails; write the reply but forget to send so it just sits in the Drafts until I try to find it in Sent :-/

    .. I now pronounce you the biggest disappointment of my life. You may now kiss my ass.

    Did you ever have 'one of those days' when you forgot to eat?!?! Yea, me neither...

    Gilmore Girls, Scandal, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, One Tree Hill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    If being in my pajamas by 7pm is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

    I've been dieting ALL morning. AM I SKINNY YET???

    Sadly, this is very accurate! Why does this happen?

    Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

    "When people ask me 'How did you get so creative?' I tell them 'Because I ate paste as a child" #craft #humor

    I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to punch in the face.