Giant Nest Sculpture by Nils Udo

Now this is an ice sculpture!

Back to the Nest: Artist Jayson Fann

Scotland - environmental art by Andy Goldsworthy

Nils-Udo "The Nest", Earth, stones, birch trees, birch branches, grass, Germany, 1978

wyckoffwoodworks: “Stacked Oak”, 2007 By: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY….

Andy Goldsworthy

Excited to see my very first Andy Goldsworthy sculptures, in person! They are lovely. One thing that I really like about them is that they are there to be discovered, rather than being sign-posted and obvious. They are a beautiful homage to the lovel Experience the coolest installations in NYC on

Outdoor mirrors.

German artist Cornelia Konrads creates mind-bending site-specific installations in public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens around the world. Her work is frequently punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness, where stacked objects like logs, fences, and doorways appear to be suspended in mid-air, reinforcing their temporary nature as if the installation is beginning to dissolve before your very eyes.

Traffic Light Tree; roundabout near the Canary Wharf, London; 26 feet tall; created by French artist Pierre Vivant; installed in 1998, its 75 lights have an ever changing pattern, which is computer controlled; photo by cyoung, via Flickr - info from roamingthegooglestreets

Artist Bill FitzGibbons transforms an underutilized 1930s Art Deco underpass in Birmingham, Alabama into a pedestrian-friendly, technicolor lighting installation. More installation photos at the link:

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy : environmental art

Made from tires.

andy goldsworthy, 'oak room' 2009 "Oooh, I love this, and it reminds me of the houses in 'Where The Wild Things Are'." S.

Henrique Oliveira

The Clemson Clay Nest was a public land art installation by Bavarian artist Nils-Udo that was constructed in the botanical gardens at Clemson University in South Carolina in 2005