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    • Amy Fenner

      Haha. Exactly. I've been told I "need to work on my people skills" and this is my response to that.

    • Julie David

      People skills~ My boss told me to work on my customer service. I told I would when the customers weren't a**holes.

    • Alicia Simpson

      My people skills are just fine, it’s my tolerance to idiots that needs work. #quote.. So true.. I'm trying to fix it..

    • Amanda Patch

      So true. Candice, I feel like this relates to both of us and our low tolerance to morons, haha.

    • Jenn Renee'

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    • Missy Berry

      I thought I was not a people person---maybe this is the real truth

    • Courtney Elmore

      funny quote people skills @Lisa Bailey

    • Jada Suit

      so true...need to work on this...

    • Haley Potts

      People so true!

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    Mind Your Business! hahaha This is not aimed at anyone! It just made me giggle, so I had to pin it :)

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