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#FoodAllergy Parent? Then You'll Love These Comics On Things Only You Would Understand!


Girls Will Understand The Struggle. This is truth spoken here, I suffer this problem. Then cut my hair off so no longer am I in need of an ill fitting hair tie .

The Perfect Storm: Lyme Jokes

Funny Ecard! My husband is always attractive, but he is smoking hot in those rare moments when I see him doing dishes or folding laundry. :) especially when he cooks :)

This is epic, haha

Parenting #humor

Being in your 30s.


Scumbag Bed, after my alarm goes off in the morning

Yes you do and yes i do

24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing: These are awesome!!!

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift!


Gotta post a sign like this on my door...! Ha!

Seriously! YES!

Very much my life!


Totally my husband!!!!

Totally my husband!!!!

Some parents are just too much

You had one job-so funny what people find! least I am not the only one. least I am not the only one.