Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams

The Light we receive from the Angels is calming, healing and will Light us up if we will receive it fully. Their messages always have an Energy that comes with the words that if you allow your self to receive fully gives healing and release from fears and worries.

Healing light from an angel ~☆~

♂ Dream ✚ Imagination ✚ Surrealism Girl in white with fish

Guardian Angel

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| artist unknown

Never stop dreaming...for that is by far the most beautiful part of you

I imagine you are the most colorful,of all!! I know you keep them smiling like you do me!! I love you evaso. I will always remember.

Hedge Riders: #Dreaming.

Astral Projection and Healing ... overcome the obstacles you've placed in your own path ... "Blaming others is easy and requires no self analysis" be brave and take responsibility for your healing process ... in astral projection, you face fears and deterrents in a safe space; you can overcome all manner of life-long baggage and negativity in mere moments.

Healing Energy Angel by Breten Bryden

Dreaming under a tree

Healing Angel - Spiritual Art Painting by Sharon Cummings.

Mirror Projection

* Flower Fae *

✡Spiritual Healing Energy

Archangel Raphael, the healer.


Spiritual Metamorphosis <3