Discover and save creative ideas has easy drawing lessons that teach big ideas. In this lesson you will create an angry bird by rolling the dice. There are lots of free printables for teachers and students to use.

    Create a crazy critter by rolling the dice.

    Dice Drawing Sheets

    Draw a Monster! This website has lots of free printables.

    Roll-a-Miro: Game to make a Miro creature.

    Make a vase of sunflowers using this fun dice drawing sheet from Expressive Monkey.

    Draw a monkey with this monkey dice drawing game from Expressive Monkey.

    Lego Person Dice Game for kids art project. This is a great sheet for kids to work off of when they finish their main projects early. Find my sample of the lego person body on my board.

    Angry Birds Masks | 8ct for $5.40 in Angry Birds - Party Themes

    FREE Dice Drawing Sheets (Monsters, Angry Birds etc)

    Art Room 104: Roll-A-Snowman Activity

    Paint Palette Color Wheel #paintpalette #freeprintable #learningcolors

    it's an HSES Arty Party! create a creature by rolling dice

    Use this free printable to design your own flock of wacky birds.

    LA and ART First draw imaginary bird....then describe it in words....then create it out of paper scraps....display on tree with descriptions in another spot on the wall (so students can try to identify the birds). Great project for another part of the school (by the front door in spring)

    Create Art With Me!: Justifying ART and Art Education

    Fun Kindergarten drawing.

    birdies... So cute! I think I would do this as a guided drawing, then let them paint.

    fun ways to draw trees -- drawing lesson

    What can you draw with just 2 circles? sub plan maybe?